The Birch Admonition

einsteinpipe.jpgInterestingly (or not) the Staddon Postulate has produced the most amount of comments and debate for some time. This was (unusually??) a rather silly post in honour of my friends visit to Norway and subsequent zeal for the science of Herrings.
With this in mind though I thought I’d post one of my favourite ill-thought-out statements that I’ve heard declared during the heat of a meeting. I call it the Birch Admonition:
“Yes but the trouble with sticking your neck out is your liable to get your fingers burned!”
I think ‘quotes from colleagues’ could be a GREAT vein of wisdom, mirth and profundidty, so ……… let me know the pearls that you have encountered.

2 Replies to “The Birch Admonition”

  1. All overheard in business meetings and said in all seriousness :
    1. “How many times do we want to boil the cabbage ?”
    2. “I bet you a pound to a pinch of poo”
    3. “If I wanted another opinion I’d ask my dentist”|(I think he meant doctor but it was still funny).
    P.S. What’s the prize ??

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