So that was Halloween

happumknweb.jpg Well the tribe called Macdonald had a good All Hallows Eve last night with much fun being had by all. We’d agreed as a family that our three wouldn’t be going trick or treating but we wanted to do something that was fun, something positive with the evening. So we put a table out in our drive way, put some music on an lit loads of candles. We carved happy pumpkins and chatted with/gave cake/sweets to the young people who called and served Mulled wine and Pumpkin pie to any parents who were tagging along. In-between time we just enjoyed time as a family sitting around chatting and eating in the driveway. Nice!
Can you believe it’s November already?

2 Replies to “So that was Halloween”

  1. Wow cool idea, we didn’t let ours go trick or treating either, but my wife handed out bananas instead, talk about something different, bananas I ask you? But hey the kids seemed happy to get something, I think maybe next year we could turn this evening into a night of giving, something strangely Christian in there, what do you think.

  2. Good thinking Ian, can’t fault it! Family time, gving to the community, gift rather than threat… Lou and I were talking about halloween when we were Kids, we remember it more as an autumn festival; apple bobbing, treacle toffee etc. no “trick or treat”ing… something else the US has inflicted on the rest of the world :(… we used to love it.

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