Les apprentis champions

‘Woosh’ went the weekend! (I think, I REALLY need to do a creative writing course! By, ‘woosh’ I was trying to convey the speed with which it passed rather than any strange acoustic quality that it posessed).
Anyway it’s Monday morning (you knew that, right?) and I’m sitting (sat?) at the services on the M4 dodging a traffic jam on the way to a couple of meetings that have invaded my diary! but lets back-track a little eh …..
cdiscom.jpgOn Friday night I was at a great youth group where they had a kind of jam night (I mean musically, I have not yet found a Fruit Preserve themed evening on my travels). The scratch (and varied) band put together one complete number with my phone acted as a one-track recording studio. I haven’t got the lead to
transfer the data on me BUT look out for the “Ghetto Penguin Massive!” they could be HUGE!
My friend is having his driveway re-done SO has 205 old paving slabs he doesn’t need (yay) BUT they are in Birmingham (drat). I spent most of Saturday on the road with my offspring visiting friends and family on the way to Birmingham and back in order to bring back some slabs! FAB day, even if I only retrieved 15 of them (they are REALLY heavy and the trailer suspension was very compressed).
Sunday was Church, lunch and then a swim ….. oh and then (for reasons that made perfect sense at the time) watching “Cool Runnings” in French!?
And so, Monday arriveth!
I hope you’ll forgive the show and tell type blog post (go on, please?)
Oh and in other news: As a youth worker and the parent of a disabled child I love this campaign by ‘Leonard Cheshire’ to promote viewing disability in a different light. Oh and Youth Work makes an appearance on Asbo, fab!
complictd youthw.jpg