If you knew then what you know now ……

qu button.jpgI was at a meeting yesterday that formed the final review and close-down of a four year project. One of the questions that was considered was, ‘If we were starting this project from scratch (knowing what we now know), what would we do differently?”
I was thinking about this this morning and reckoned that this could be a useful piece of shared learning. So, if you are in Parish based Youth Ministry:

If you were starting from scratch (knowing what you now know), what would you do/not do differently?

Do post your reflections and I’ll chew on this one too with a view to posting something.

3 Replies to “If you knew then what you know now ……”

  1. Even though I think I do it a lot… I would communicate to the church what’s going on with the young people because even nearly five years on some of them are surprised as say “gosh I din’t know you did so much” or “are you working… on a Saturday?”

  2. I’d get young people a lot more involved with decision making. Perhaps not a youth council, but definitely make it their group, their activities, rather than our ideas imposed on them.

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