Film Font Fun

monster site pic.jpg I was messing around with ‘Paint Shop’ yesterday making some invitations to my son’s birthday bash in keeping with the requested ‘Shrek’ theme. I needed the Shrek font and so I went a googling and found this site WHICH totally rocks. Every film font you could want!! So if you want to do a theme’d invitation, film night or programme …. check it out!
(I can’t believe I have written, ‘check it out’ …. if I ever sound as cheesily local radio as that again you have to throw something at me!)

7 Replies to “Film Font Fun”

  1. not a great deal of hope there. Tell me you’re not wearing your geography teacher jacket at the same time and there might be a glimmer… I’m personally feelin pretty cool – chillin to “xXx: The Next Level” and was with a group of young people composing some rap earlier. Check it.

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