Facebook concerns

Facebook (et al) has been hitting the news quite a bit recently, here’s a summary of the latest three concerns to have emerged over security and privacy on the site.
1. Banks have said that they may not pay out in identity fraud cases where the victim has posted the information on a SN site, which was used by the fraudster! The Times article.
2. Warnings have been posted that once something is ‘out there,’ it is always out there and may harm future employment prospects. This is a key issue to help young people with as thy see their social selves as being entirely seperate from their career. US News on the Subject.
3. Facebook Beacon is a new application that is creating a storm. In a nutshell your purchasing or ordering can appear as infomation on your site without your permission. In the example here, a guy went onto the Blockbusters website to reserve some hire videos then discovered that list of videos appeared on his Facebook site. ht to Richard for the pointer. Times article here.
I still think that Social Networking is great BUT requires considerable wisdom in how you use it and what you upload. We should be exploring this with teenagers!