What’s what?

Er, a round up of what’s what around and about the place. Stuff you should know, stuff you don’t need to know and stuff you need to know but until now didn’t know you needed to know!
October 13th: The next VERTIGO is this Saturday, see you there (I could still do with one more bod’ for the cafe’ team if you are up for some hot chocolate ministry).
November 6th: I am driving down to Sussex to meet up with some other youth workers and to hear some input by Pip Wilson. Wanna come for the ride?
November 9th – 11th: Youthwork the Conference ‘Church unlimited’ at Southport
November 16th-18th: Youthwork the Conference ‘Church unlimited’ at Eastbourne
November 23rd: (or the weekend of) Takeover day
February 26th-27th: DEPTH Diocesan retreat for children’s and youth workers.
July 4th-6th: Yellow Braces Camp
August 22nd-25th: Greenbelt ‘Rising Sun’
Gap Years:
Some links here plus a new scheme from the Church army called Xplore

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