Stress 7/11

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The Guardian today has part of the front page given over to This study that identifies levels of stress in 7-11 year olds. The Guardian article is here. I’ve been talking about this through my Tweenager stuff but this covers even pre-Tweens.

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  1. I think that recognising the signs of stress in Teenagers and pre can be crucial to their recovery, early intervention has been proved to be quite effective. ‘Talking’ most people are aware improves a persons emotional wellbeing however knowing when to refer/ encourage a young person to get help from support agencies e.g. Counselling,Child and Mental Health Team, GP etc., this can be where some young people are let down.

  2. Thought I posted this earlier but I must have not posted it!
    I think that an awareness of the signs of stress in young people is very important……talking can help….. but also I think encouraging them to get help from support agencies like counselling,GP, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Unit etc. ……. early intervention is crucial to a good recovery.

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