Great grandson of karlov

I need to confess that I have been Gizmo’d once again and have ventured even further into Geekdom. The Diocese are trying to standardise the I.T and were not happy with me operating a PDA on the margins of their control and outside of the Network. In order to bring me in from the ‘cold’ though they have had to issue me with approved equipment so I now have a wi-fi enabled IPAQ that synchs with the work Network whenever I walk thorogh the door at Church House or pass through somewhere that’s wireless enabled, Huzzah.

* Karlov was by Palm machine from 2002
** The background to the picture is a screensaver of an OLD PC

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  1. Our IT tech is much the same – no wi-fi access for anything unauthorized – even if you can get the network key to log on, there is a list of approved MAC addresses too.
    As to venturing further into geekdom with a new PDA, I think having nostalgic pictures of your old PC as a screen saver probably rates significantly higher on any sort of geek rating!

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