Recruiting volunteers powerpoint

vol3.jpgThere are some great situations where the blog saves me lots of time! One of the ways is that I am actually able to find stuff that I would otherwise of lost, forgotten or so mentally mis-attributed that I’d never been able to track it down. The other way is when people do creative stuff with my scribblings that I then get to use!
For example, I wrote a piece on recruiting volunteers and bunged it on the blog. A colleague of mine in Canterbury wanted to use this for some training so asked permission and then Powerpointed it (can you use Microsoft products as verbs?). Last night I was training on “Recruiting volunteers” and so then borrowed the Powerpoint of which the content was borrowed from me (if you see what I mean). Nice!
How cool is that? I’ll upload the presentation to here in case it’s useful (and to see if there is an onward journey e.g Screenplay, novel or Sculpture exhibition that anyone wants to develop from it! *laughing in a way-too-much-coffee-sort-of-a-way*). Download file