(Probably) the best coffee shop in the world

Those of you who know me are aware that I have two offices in Oxford. One is Church House, the other is the wonderful Combibos Cafe.
com coffee2.jpgAfter work last night I went over to Combibos where they were hosting an evening with their coffee supplier, Union Hand Roasted. It was a great evening as the shop and the supplier have a passion for THE best coffee and have a great relationship. Union work in partnership with farms and co-operatives in 17 countries and focus on only purchasing from the finest 2% of coffee production, which is then hand roasted in this country. They also work with their suppliers to pay a premium price, improve working conditions and help to develop the local economy. Last night we tasted coffees from Yemen, South America and Ethiopia, even more interestingly each of the four coffees was paired with a specific food to highlight the differences. I learned a LOT and enjoyed the coffee enormously!
Combibos is just such a cool place. Great Ambiance, amazing coffee, a warm welcome and a community feel, free wi-fi, delicious pastries and food AND still at below the prices of The StarCostaNero-Republicesque clones. Nice!
If you are in Oxford you should check out Combibos.
If you are in the market for some GREAT coffee then check out Union

Oh and if you want to meet to talk about Youth work/ministry, let me know a date and time (you already have the venue)