When I wrote my final paper for the ‘Methodist Preaching course’ I researched and wrote a paper that I think I called, “Is the way we teach in church the way we should teach in church?” That was twelve years ago but the issues are still the same. I remember one of my conclusions was, ‘we need to be more visual!’
leadership journal.jpgTwelve years on though the opportunities for being visual have increased ENORMOUSLY! The frustrating thing though is there is often a failure to engage with what this new opportunity means and how a very different media leads to a different communication experience. I read recently an article on Powerpoint, from a church perspective, that framed the arising question as “What do people want to look at while we are preaching?” rather than how we re-imagine what has previously been the sermon?
(This add-on thinking inevitably results in the death by Powerpoint nightmare that we are all too familiar with, no horror stories please!).
It was encouraging therefore to read Leadership Journal and explore what Andy Crouch has termed, ‘Visualcy!’ I realise that I may be behind the times on this one as digging around it seems to have been written about in May 2005, but I like ‘visualcy’ as a way off exploring the fact that being visual is not just using our usual torrent of words AND adding pictures, its a whole new skill set.
comm.jpgCrouch talks about a third age of communication. The first being oral communication. The second age being that of written communication, the transition to this age requiring, literacy. Crouch views this third age as visual and sees that visual culture will require a new set of skills, a visualcy!
I wonder how often we (I) think we are operating in a visual currency but are in fact adding pictures to the safety of our oral/written norm? This ‘post’ being a case in point 🙂

Get some depth

depth logo.jpg
Bit of a parochial notice I’m afraid. ‘DEPTH’ is the youth and children’s employer worker retreat that Yvonne and I are running in February. A mailing will be coming out to our mailing lists but I’m uploading the pdf here if you want details/booking info sooner. Download file
(oh and while we are doing the slightly parochial stuff. If anyone wants a copy of “Effective Ministry to Tweenagers” then please send a cheque for £2.95 payable to ‘ODBF’ to Carolyn Main, Church House, Oxford OX2 0NB with your name and address!)


nigel.jpgNigel Pimlott is doing some research on how(if) youth workers evaluate their work. If you have 5 minutes spare please click on ‘continue reading’ then cut n paste the questions into an e-mail and fill in the blanks! E-mail to Nigel.
P.S The questions that Nigel has framed link in well with point number 3 on this piece from the blog.

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We are fully equipped with a Power point

I’ve just been reading an interview outline from a church who are seeking to appoint a new youth worker. The brief asks for a presentation and helpfully lets candidates know that they have a power point available! I therefore wondered whether they meant:
but it had been written wrong, or whether they meant:
powr sock.jpg
but thought that candidates may not realise they had this facility?