7 Replies to “Paddington in a post marmalade paradigm”

  1. Was wondering when someone would YouTube this clip properly – had to use a embedded quicktime when I commented on it before.
    I think it’s a hoot. What is crazy is quite what a furore it seems to have caused in some circles with Michael Bond writing to the Times and appearing on Today to reassure people that Paddington still eats marmalade!

  2. it’s funny but i don’t quite get it as advertising. it’s almost like the dove freaks out because it tastes bad. i haven’t had the stuff so i don’t know if it’s supposed to be spicy or just a different taste. could you explain a brother out in the states and explain. thanks.

  3. Robert,
    My apologies, I shall explain. Marmite is a yeast based spread for toast/sandwiches and the like. It has a very particular taste that some people seem to love and some people seem to hate (interestingly all the Americans at my Bible School in England seemed to hate it). A few years ago the marketing people realised that it was a love it or hate it product and started advertising it accordingly. The TV adds normally juxtaposing someone who adored it to someone who could not stomach it. See http://www.marmite.com/
    The funny thing about this ad’ is it is EXACTLY in the stylee of Paddingtom when we were kids.

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