I’m not fully myself today after an experiment yesterday into how rapid a deceleration the human body can cope with.
Pedaling back across London from a meeting in Westminster yesterday was a joyous experience. The Autumn sun was shining warmly, the leaves on the trees were a feast of colour and the city looked beautiful. Cycling briskly along one of the wide open tourist areas I was taking in this unfolding visual feast and feeling at one with the world. For reasons best understood to city planners there was a short section of iron fencing randomly built into this expanse of sand coloured tarmac. Busy as I was absorbing the vista I made a gentle turn and I failed to notice it and had a considerable shock when the bike instantly stopped. *Ouch!* Thankfully I hit it at an angle rather then head on so I ended up in a crumpled heap next to the bike rather than employing the classic straight ahead superman impression.
Cuts, abrasions, friction burns, road rash, bruising, stiffness, swelling. Nice! But nevertheless laughing at my own stupidity 🙂 The Bike, meanwhile, has taken a beating and lost some minor appendages but still functions!
Feel free to leave sympathy of mirth in the comments 🙂

4 Replies to “Ouch”

  1. i just got back from a month cycling in france with a mate. we had one stack in the whole trip, my mate was riding along with no hands drying his shorts in one hand and drinking with the other when he swerved, always a little cocky he tried to right himself without touching the handle bars and ended up doing a nice little flip into the field by the side of the road!

  2. When your bruises are yellow and green instead of the initial purple and blue you STILL won’t match the autumn scenery! Baah!!
    Hope you’re feeling less stiff, sore and sorry for yourself XX

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