My mid life crisis has a name!

I have found a name for my mid life crisis, it is called Kayaking.
Ever since inheriting a mahoosive fibre glass double kayak in the summer I’ve noticed that I am being inexorably drawn deeper into the world of paddling. I think I realised I’d crossed a line at the weekend when I insisted on taking said boat with me to our Church men’s weekend in Studland. Mind you I’m glad I did as my first decent taste of sea kayaking (apart from hiring sit-on Surf canoes at the beach) was so cool. I launched out into the blue three times including one time right out to Old Harry Rocks where the combination of encountering staggering isolated beauty and of scary myself silly, was truly exhilarating. (Surviving was also pretty cool). I learnt lots including the fact that lardy 16 ft double kayaks with limited manouverability and with no weight in the front struggle in surf! But I’m definitely hooked.
Mind you, for it to be a proper mid life cris maybe I should buy a VW Camper van to carry the Kayak eh?

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