It’s Alive!

2210.jpgFor the last two mornings my PDA has, and this is very weird, given me a lie in. I don’t mean the alarm failed to go off, I don’t mean I didn’t hear it, I mean that it ‘behaved’ illogically and let me sleep for an extra 24 minutes. There is of course a glorious tradition of computers coming to life and loyally befriending their owners (see Electric Dreams and Short Circuit) but I’m still a little fazed by my IPAQ knowing that I’m tired and letting me catch extra zzzzz’s!
The Scenario is this. For the last two mornings the alarm (and the only alarm set) on my PDA is demonstrably and clearly ’06:50!’ However it has failed to go off at this time and has on both occasions sprung into life at 07:14 while the screen reveals ‘Alarm 06:50’ and offers me a Snooze or Dismiss choice!
Anyone offer a technically plausible answer or should I just accept that I have a computerised friend whose internal logic is no longer logical? (Please keep in mind though that the PDA is hooked up here and may well be reading your response, so any talk of dis*****asse****mbl****y may produce an adverse reaction)

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  1. My phone did that a few times, although it’s preferred choice was a 33-minute lie in. Apparently the software had corrunpted itself and it was sent away for an upgrade…
    Think Boris needs to see a doctor

  2. KT,
    Thanks BUT this still doesn’t change the disparity between the clock and the alarm. I assume it’s fairly basic in it’s basic function, i.e when x = x then ding! Although presumable written as 0001010100100101000100010111101000000101010101010000001 (or similar)et al.
    It’s still bizarre in my mind

  3. To be honest I’m surprised you haven’t had alarm problems with your iPaq up to now – Windows Mobile is notorious for it’s flaky alarm functionality. Chief amongst the problems is that the scheduling functions have unpredictable behaviour when the device is in sleep mode, in some cases they don’t power up the device at all and all the alarms go off the next time you manually turn it on.
    Check out which has some explanation and suggestions.

  4. Richard,
    That is exactly the problem! Thanks for info I have duly sacked the IPAQ from it’s role of “Director of sleep to wake transitions” and have promoted the Sony Erickson phone accordingly.
    BTW, as a wordsmith I loved your phrase, “Flaky alarm functionality”

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