Forgiveness project comes to Reading

*The F Word*
fp.jpgAdvance notice of a photo-journalistic exhibition which the University of Reading Chaplaincy Centre is holding in February 2008.The subject of this thought provoking and moving exhibition is forgiveness. The exhibition consists of stories and photographs from around the world of people who have had cause to consider their attitudes to forgiveness. More info here
The exhibition will be free-to-view between Monday 11 -Saturday 23 February 2008 and we welcome visits from individuals and groups to reflect on the nature of forgiveness. It will be staged at the Palmer Building, Whiteknights campus which is easily accessible and open to all.

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  1. aaaaah the Palmer building… place of dreams and nightmares! It’s where we had lectures (which ocasionally involved sleeping!) and exams (which ocasionally led to nightmares!)

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