Desirable characteristics for youth leaders

All Credit to Marko for flagging up this report. Like him I was struck by (and intend to use) the five characteristics present in those who most effectively work with young people:
– they see genuine potential in youth.
– They put youth at the center of their programs.
– They believe they can make a difference with youth.
– They feel they are contributing to the community something they owe.
– They are “unyieldingly authentic.”

I really liked the phrase “unyieldingly authentic!” I also liked this sentence that contrasted those who see a challenging bunch of young people as: loud, nosy, naïve, undiplomatic, stubborn, or unrealistic.
with those who see them as: energetic, curious, idealistic, honest, confident, and optimistic.

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  1. Hi there!
    My name is Brittany Kurtenbach and I am a Junior in highschool living in Gillette, WY. I am interested in becoming a Youth Pastor or even just a guide for the next generation and would like to help them with or lead them to a walk with God. I would like to know what kind of qualities (education, personality, etc.) appeal to a church looking for a new youth minister. This would really help me to learn more about this career field. Thank you so much for you time!

  2. Hi Brittany, our church is presently looking to hire a new youth director. Background we are looking for is experience working with youth ministries, not necessarily as a paid position. Volunteer at a youth group near the college you will be attending. Get to see youth from the director’s point of view. Watch, learn, try things out. Is this your PASSION? Do you like to deal with kids? Are you willing to put in the time to build the relationships? Take communication classes, education classes would be good too. Classroom management, psycology, all above and beyond your theology classes. Go to workshops and conferences for youth workers. Work at summer christian camps as a counslor. Be willing to learn as you go. If this is God’s calling for you, then do it with gusto. Best Wishes, Lee

  3. I agree with the 5 but, unless it is covered by the broad “unyieldingly authentic”, I would also add that they need to have a healthy relationship with God – the other characteristics flow from this, but unless the passion and focus on youth flows from a place of security in Christ, they won’t be effective for long.

  4. hi,
    i’m emmanuel and i’m interested in youth developme nt in my local church. i will be very grateful to recieve any assistance from from you.

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