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  1. Hello Friend
    Greetings to you in Jesus name from Good Hope India Ministries
    My name is pastor Lawrence and iam from India
    Iam not educated since my parents left me in my child hood
    From that small age onwards I had no proper guidance for my education
    and for my livelihood.now my age is 30 years and I got married when
    iam 23.and her name is Stella.
    Iam so sorry to say that we had no childrens, as doctors said that we
    cant have any kids .
    And then when iam 23 I started to repent of all my sins and accepted
    Christ as saviour. and with hope and faith iam praying and seeking
    Gods guidance for my life to be blessed
    Since I did not studied and don’t know how to read and write
    properly, I used to hear the Word of God by the great pastors and then
    one day God lead me to have one great thinking….. that is..” my child
    iam here for you, u bless the poor people with the good education,
    even though u don’t know I am the God for you who woll lead u and
    guide you and bless you and make u to wlak in the light….
    And then I strated to pray and iam 23 year of my age.. and then I
    thought that, and dedicated my life to God by serving Him, sicne I am
    not educated, God only made me to learn little English and how to type
    and write. Then I got the heart that to educate the poor people and
    people who ahd no education and then I started to buy some tracks,
    bibles, books,materials and then I used to give freely to the people
    who are very poor
    And who are unable to study… in such a way I started to do my work for
    God in helping the poor for to study, sicne iam not studied and I
    don’t want the poor pople to be lkiie me but want to make them to
    study and then help in by giving tracks, matertials.
    And when iam 25 of my age I registered the misnitry name as Good Hope
    India Ministries. And ima the founder of President of this misnitry
    and we had some misnitry members and my wife as well with heartfully
    encourages me and guide me in doing the Gods work….. and also iam poor
    person in which I cant feed my family, even then.. since I gave my
    life to God , by doing some part time work and earning a very little
    money and with that money feeding my family very hard and then helping
    the poor people by distributing the tracks and sending the emails to
    so many people begging for the tracks and for the bibles and for the
    materials of the bible and begging them to help and by our GHI
    Minsitries we all workers are working going to remote palces and
    serving the lord, praying and giving the tracks and praying and
    telling the Love of Lord Jesus and helping them and give some food
    ,materials…..this was all work in this last days in India
    My main aim and destiny is to have the Library, church and Orphanage
    Even though I ahd no power. But with faith in my life it was my aim
    for to make the people to study in Library freely and I want so mnay
    biblical materils, tracks so that I can have the room like a library
    and then serving the people who are wiling to learn about Jesus and
    love of Him Amen.
    Our Misnitry Prayer requests:
    Need prayers for Library
    Need prayers for Orphanage
    Need prayers for church
    Need prayer for my family livelihood
    Need prayers for tracks, materials, bibles, toys
    If you are willing to send any donations, any help , any tracks, any
    books, any clothes, any materils and any bibles, we will heartfully
    recivce them and then supply those to poor people and kids and food
    My contact information
    Pastor G.Lawrence
    Good Hope India Ministries
    Dr no;7-5-63,Opp ASN Collage,
    Ithanagar Road, Tenali, Guntur(dst),
    Andhra pradesh, Pincode:522201
    My emails: [email protected] , [email protected]
    , [email protected],[email protected]
    We will be praying for you all and for your blesigns of this small misnitry
    Thanking you
    In His service
    With love Lawrence/India

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