I’m still doing quite a bit of work on ‘confirmation’ practice, preparation, theology. If you have any papers or recommended reading I’d love to know. Ta Muchly! (I’d also be interested in any reflections on Baptism prep’ from any of my friends in pro-dunking denominations)

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  1. As you asked for the dunkers view: The Baptist Union has a booklet called “Making a splash” for youth baptism prep, available form their website. I hear good things from those who have used it! I guess the question for me is about baptism/confirmation prep and catechesis- how long should the process be, what to cover etc.

  2. Making A Splash is indeed an excellent resource (and includes Dave Walker cartoons!). It covers the basic ‘understanding the Trinity’, ‘what it means to have Jesus as Lord’, together with our place in the church and in the world. It also, of course takes you through the practicalities of what will happen in the service.
    The best bit for me though is the reflection activity, which lists various reasons (good and bad) why people would choose to get baptised (‘because my best friend is’, ‘because I love God’, etc). It invites the candidate to tick as many as apply, then asks them to cross out of that list any ‘wrong’ answers (things that they feel are not what God wants). A good way of getting the yp to consider their own motivations and look beyond some of the pressures that their parents / ministers / youth workers might put on them.

  3. My experience was really quite disappointing. At a baptism service at my regular (baptist) church I felt moved to be baptised, so at the end of the service I asked to be done there and then. It turned out to be policy to only do people after the preparation course. So I did the preparation course, of which about 50% was slagging off infant baptism. All a bit sad.
    I think the preparation course was seen as “something which had to be done”, but the guy leading it didn’t want to be there and found it a chore. Church can be sooo disappointing to new Christians.

  4. I feel for you, JT. Whilst on principle I think that some kind of preparation is right (it usually helps if the leader is at least as prepared as the candidate), it probably shouldn’t be much more than covering the basics to be clear that the candidate understands what they are committing to. Acts 8:36 should be a wake up call to us all.

  5. Ian, last year I had a ball incorporating a confirmation for a youth worker into a group meeting at St Thomas Holtspur. Also did an evening confirmation in Buckingham in the format of their emergent evening worship. We could have a conversation about these extramurals sometime I;m hanging around DCH looking for trouble, if it would help. I’d like to develop such things, as demand grew…

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