Anyone else wrestling with guidance?

ques.jpg Greeting my wise and spiritual friends, I want to pick your brains! When you get invited to speak at something, how do you work out whether to accept or not? Obviously I pray about stuff BUT it’s not always clear whether I should be going or not! I guess I assume that an invitation is not necessarily a ‘Call’ … and as the Principal of my Bible School used to say (in an appalling abuse of Grammar), “If you aren’t sent, don’t went!”
The danger is of course that you accept stuff on the basis of how much fun it will be or how important it looks, neither of which are good criteria. Ho hum?
For example:
I’m speaking this weekend at a Youth residential (bit late to be wrestling with my attendance on this one)
I’ve been invited to speak on a Ski trip
I’ve got the chance to lead a confirmation prep’ weekend for a Private School
I’ve got invites to speak at various Family Services

So, seriously. How do you discern and/or decide? What is a God given ministry opportunity and what isn’t? How are you accountable for these choices?

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  1. What Matters Most, by Doug Fields, is a fantastic little book that will give you some thoughts around the answer to the ‘should I or shouldn’t I say yes to that engagement’
    All youth workers/officers should read it.

  2. If I can do it in the time I have to prepare stuff I say yes, if I can’t I don’t…. ensuring that time with family and other ‘me time’ is booked in….

  3. I ask myself these questions:
    1. Are the “non negotiables” safe in that week (family time primarily)
    2. Do I have time to prepare for it.
    3. Do I have time to travel there and speak / do whatever it is.
    4. Is there someone who should have been asked instead of me (do I know someone who will do this better?)
    5. Is it my job to do this (Deanery Synod meetings, youth leader interviews etc).
    6. Is it not my job and just an ego massage (I’ve been asked to speak main stage at Soul Survivor to 10,000 people).
    7. Is it not my job but worth while.
    8. Is it not my job but something I am passionate about.
    9. Can I think of any other reasons to say no.
    10. Based on answers to 1 – 9, do it . . . or not.

  4. Great comments so far – here are my 2 cents:
    1. I decide in advance! By that I mean I have sat and thought through what my ministry is all about and have a strong sense of what God wants of me / what is my purpose. So when I get a speaking request my first question is – Does it ‘fit’ with who I am and what I am called to do. If yes then:
    2. Is the date free/available? if yes then:
    3. Do I have time to prepare [do I need to prepare? I may have done something very similar]. If yes, then
    4. Do I want to do it? This is very subjective and is almost unnecessary to ask – but I have found myself dreading a forthcoming event [not often but often enough just to check]. if yes, then
    Yes! I will do it.

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