Great grandson of karlov

I need to confess that I have been Gizmo’d once again and have ventured even further into Geekdom. The Diocese are trying to standardise the I.T and were not happy with me operating a PDA on the margins of their control and outside of the Network. In order to bring me in from the ‘cold’ though they have had to issue me with approved equipment so I now have a wi-fi enabled IPAQ that synchs with the work Network whenever I walk thorogh the door at Church House or pass through somewhere that’s wireless enabled, Huzzah.

* Karlov was by Palm machine from 2002
** The background to the picture is a screensaver of an OLD PC

Desirable characteristics for youth leaders

All Credit to Marko for flagging up this report. Like him I was struck by (and intend to use) the five characteristics present in those who most effectively work with young people:
– they see genuine potential in youth.
– They put youth at the center of their programs.
– They believe they can make a difference with youth.
– They feel they are contributing to the community something they owe.
– They are “unyieldingly authentic.”

I really liked the phrase “unyieldingly authentic!” I also liked this sentence that contrasted those who see a challenging bunch of young people as: loud, nosy, naïve, undiplomatic, stubborn, or unrealistic.
with those who see them as: energetic, curious, idealistic, honest, confident, and optimistic.

So this is where you were

carastradebump.jpg Apologies for the lack of scribbling over the last couple of days, I’ve been having a couple of days off for some R&R with the family, catching up on jobs around the homestead and fixing the car. I’m pleased to announce that these aims were accomplished on all three fronts and I’m especially pleased that the Youthblog mobile is now the same shape as other Astra Estates. Some of you may have noticed the concave front bumper and various other scratches, bashes, cracks and blemishes, which are no more! I have developed green-fingers but sadly rather than this being a new found gift for gardening, it is in fact just car paint, hey ho!
Another success was making it to the cinema to see Ratatouille which I thoroughly enjoyed. The art work was amazing and it was an affectionate tribute to Paris and to good food. The story was witty and original, the characterisation was fun and it’s a definite thumbs up from me. My youngest however got a bit bored, I suspect that it’s too gentle a storyline for a 7 year old and the film is more of an endearing one than a grippingly engaging one, but I thought this was a strength not a weakness.
I had also (rather optimistically) planned to read a whole bunch of youth ministry books but didn’t manage anything heavier than the news paper!

Halloween Podcast

Bockman pumpkin web.jpg
I took part in a Halloween Podcast on Monday. The recording was of a half hour discussion but it’s been edited down to 16 minutes. I haven’t plucked up the courage to listen to it yet but it’s here if you are made of sterner stuff, and If not, you need to know that I radically championed both sides of the Christian vs Halloween divide! (well, kind of).

*ht to Darren who has very graciously allowed me to use his artwork (above)

The world of Youth Ministry

It’s another one of these random notice sheets where i just chuck stuff onto a virtual youth ministry notice board and see whether anyone feels the need to scribble some info onto their pda/diary/hand ‘cos it looks useful!
So …… The World of Youth Ministry!
I wanted to flag up again the ASBO certificate, it’s genius, USE IT! MENCAP are running an anti bullying campaign that’s around the experience of young people with learning disabilities. Issue 15 of JAM Magazine is now available! James e-mailed me with a Christian Web browser he’s designed, you may want to take a look. Worth noting that Children in Need is the 16th November, great opportunity for fundraising for a good cause while a lot of fun-raising too 🙂
Within the Diocese:
12th November, High Wycombe: Enthusing Young People for Mission (see extended entry)
24th November, Youth Focus training day is full
Christmas, Wayne Dixon (Slough) invites you to see the work they do with ALL the primary schools in the area. Download file
And finally: If you would like to bring some income in for the youth group ‘we need a Wii fund’ then you may want to track down this missing pet ….

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A penny for your thoughts*?” you ask
Well. actually you’ll get them for free as setting up a PAYPAL system so you could contribute a penny wouldn’t be practical and you might then want your money back if you felt my thoughts were offered at a vastly over inflated price.
Anyway, I’ve been thinking about ethics as over the last few days I’ve encountered things that I think are ethically dubious and I wonder how we engage with these things AND how we meaningfully help young people to critique culture and practice in this area. I know these are not the worst examples but these are the three that have entered my radar coverage in the last few days.
Dell Computers have an add in the paper today boldly declaring that it’s the last day of their “Buy now, pay October 2008 offer!” however they ran a similar add a week or two ago. Interestingly too if you phone up they tell you (or at least told me) it’s like an interest free offer. However a bit later in the process you discover there is a substantial administration fee that is also collected alongside the payment. Ehtically, should you run an ad’ that is either not true or makes a previous claim untrue? Also should you sneak in additional charges?
Someone I met over the weekend had just bought a new car and the dealership had told them to lie to the insurance company to get the most advantage from the free insurance deal?
And this is the one that really wound me up. A well known national double glazing company quoted someone I know (a pensioner) £22,000 for Double Glazing (it’s a big house). Wisely they didn’t take up the offer but kept stalling and also got other quotes before the very same glazing company finally agreed to fit the glazing for £7800. If a cowboy builder was filmed for an undercover TV programme inflating the price of a job by around 300% then they’d be prosecuted. But a legitimate company can charge whatever they can get away with?
I think this is probably just a rant but I think there is an ethical debate that needs to happen and companies do need to be kept accountable? It’s also be a great youth session to debate, check out and campaign against unethical practice!

(*Penny for your thoughts is a British expression that has been around for a long time and never moved with inflation)

You’ve been asbo’d

asbo'd.jpgThis is a FANTASTIC idea from FYT. In response to the ever present media demonisation of young people and the idea that somehow this is an ASBO* generation, FYT have produced a positive ‘ASBO’ (alright, sensational, beautiful, original) recognising the achievements and contribution of young people.
So if you’ve know a young person who deserves recognition, download one of the certificates here, Fab!

*Anti social behaviour order

Legal to use Images

Tim Schmoyer has a great blog that’s a gateway to SO much useful Youth Ministry stuff, Thanks Tim 🙂
Re the images: Check out this fantastic link to where to 100 sources of ‘premission to use’ images on the blog. Also some downloadable Worship backgrounds for Powerpoint. Nice!

The Circle is complete

If your youth group has a Wii then you’ll be interested in this, A light sabre based game that’ll be demo’d next week. There are rumours too that the nunchuck can be used for Jedi ‘use the force’ type hand pushes, Nice!
Since the first Star Wars film debut 30 years ago, fans have
longed for the day when they could fight their own light sabre duels,

said a statement from GameCity’s organisers.
Although I suspect the Light Sabre will create more excitement among the youth leaders than the young people 😉