The Meet the Bish’ Gig

We had a really good session with Bishop John yesterday and the afternoon was a great mix of the deep, the fun, the challenging and the absurd. It was a really good conversation between the bishop and the young people and vice versa. Fab!
meet the Bish.jpg
Some of the young people were part of the group that contributed to the selection criteria for the new Bishop and so the first point of the gig were for the young people to get to know Bishop John and see how he fitted with their questions and vision. The rest of the time was developing that dialogue.
I used the ‘Call my Bluff’ (Download file) to illustrate the coming together of different understanding and experiences, then it was group work formulating or answering questions, as well as panel type sessions. Oh AND photo’s and food. The Bishop prayed for the young people and the young people prayed for the Bishop!
meet the bish2.jpg
Heading home with the posse from Newbury was SO much fun. A couple of them were taking it in turns to play their i-pods through the car stereo. We had a some SOUL before arriving at Bohemian Rhapsody (cue Waynes world type car party, sing along), then onto the equally crazy session with ‘Don’t stop me now!’ By this point the car party was in full swing and everyone sang along to Ghostbusters (great 80’s moment eh?) and the finale as we drove into Newbury was, Jump Around by House of Pain! Had a huge smile on my face (and a ringing in my ears) for some time after, Nice!
*My thanks to all who took part and/or contributed to Call my bluff

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  1. Thanks for all your hard work getting it all organised. We had a great time, and certainly thought it was really worthwhile. Maybe something we can look at doing more often?
    Incidentally, we didn’t get a repeat of the High School Musical sing-a-long we had on the way up – had our passengers recording increasingly bizarre answer messages on their mobile phones instead…

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