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Escaping from the office yesterday (this is good for my sanity and that of the office, having already been told off once this week for bouncing a tennis ball while I was thinking) I visited a youth project in Buckinghamshire. I’m used to Church youth rooms being equipped with cast-out sofa’s but thought this example was fab! The photo doesn’t really do it justice but it has carved wooden framework, decorative legs and luxurious purple velour cushioning! If your youth room has anything that compete with this then let me know and send a photo! (Oh and come to think of it, if you are from the National Trust and discovered this piece was missing after a youth group visit, er …… well it’s just coincidence!
Some dates: October 13th, VERTIGO (I need volunteers for thee cafe’ team please). This coming Saturday (29th) I’m training in the Sonning deanery on working with Tweenagers! (Should I mention the book?) This Autumn, Urban Saints (nee Crusaders) are putting on a series of one day training events for volunteers. These days are usually EXCELLENT and I highly recommend them. I’ll probably be going to the Bristol day! Diocesan NETWORK days for employed Youth ministers: Nov 1st and also a 24 hour retreat next year, Feb 26th, 27th 2008. It’s called ‘DEPTH’ ask for more info!
You read it here first: The newly named “Sophia Network” (an affiliation of female youth ministers) will be launched at Youthwork the Conference!

Preacher required:
I have details of a ‘Sail and Surf’ camp that’s running 9th-16th August next year in the lake district and they are looking for a speaker? (suggestions welcome).
shedsep2007.jpgAnd finally: Long term readers of this blog (on a slight tangent from youth ministry) followed the building of my workshop! Well the latest development is a built in hoover! I had an old vacuum so I partially disassembled it and built it into the cupboard below the workbench. I now just need to open the cupboard door and it is the work of moments for all the sawdust from a project to just disappear! How cool (sad) is that? Now all I need is a really comfy chair for the shed. (This may necessitate a visit to the national Trust or a Buckinghamshire Youth club!)

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