No pressure then

As part of my job I get asked to preach at various places at various times, everything from a homily as St Whatnots in Lower Snoozington to a full-on ‘preach’ at large youth events. This morning I preached at Stowe School. I hadn’t thought too much about it until the start of the week when I checked the details and noticed that it was actually quite a significantly grand school. Even having realised this though I was utterly gob-smacked this morning when I drove up to the school, the driveway was impressive enough BUT check out the building!
I usually get a tad nervous before a preach BUT by the time I’d checked in with reception and then found the chapel I was feeling more than a little apprehensive. Preaching at a compulsory attendance formal morning chapel to 600 or so pupils and staff was quite an experience!
chapelstowesmall.jpgActually had a great time and although I was a little weirded out that no-one laughs in chapel, I’m really glad I got to visit. It’s a very cool school and the chaplaincy crew were fantastic, as were the pupils I got to talk to. It also turns out there is an informal (voluntary) service in the evenings that is driven by some of the pupils, one of whom is also planning to run a Youth Alpha, cool huh!
The suit is, very definitely, now back in wardrobe! Next preaching gig is a youth weekend in Chepstow.

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  1. Your post brought back memories of England [lived in Bucks. for a while] plus I remember the same apprehension when I went to visit Geelong Grammar School [near Melbourne Australia – previously had Prince Charles as a student for a while etc.] But also, like you, I discovered the students were just regular guys and great to chat to.
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