Modem connection via the bus driver**

I was at a meeting this week in a cellar. It was not some dangerously covert emerging church meeting, it’s just that the particular Youth Centre is below street level. I’d written a number of e-mails prior to the meeting and it would have been useful to send them, however the cellar had no available signal. No available signal that is until a bus stopped on the road just above our heads! One of the bus companies that shuttles to London and back has on-board wi-fi and a connection flashed up on my computer, yeah!
This would be a great story if I’d managed to send the e-mails, but I didn’t. Ironically the problem lay with the VPN and the firewall back at Church house rather than the bus BUT it has presented a great future scenario to me.
If in Oxford. Write e-mails then change settings so the laptop doesn’t switch off when the lid is closed. Put laptop in bag and pedal behind the bus for a while. Job done!*
*This would require patience on my part as I move faster than the bus when in town traffic
** Computer architecture pun deliberate (but not necessarily funny)

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  1. A friend was on holiday in Spain and got a phone call from work that he needed to send a report before he got back. Having no wi-fi connection he just drove around the posh apartments with his laptop on the passenger seat until he found an open connection, mailed it and went back to the holiday. I think its the e-mail equivalent of “parasite”

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