Kid Nation?

Certainly controversial, Kid Nation has it’s first airing today. I’m very concerned about the whole thing but waiting for a fuller picture (and an episode) to emerge? I can’t work out how they got away with the making of this, especially with some very young kids involved.

3 Replies to “Kid Nation?”

  1. Apparently the parents all had to sign a pretty complex contract that absolved the TV company of all responsibility. Having said that I expect that if anybody tried to do something similar here then the regulator would stop it before it began.

  2. What about the long term effects on there mental health?Couldn’t it be years before the damage of such an experience on a young mind are evident?Some people will argue the opposite that it is an opportunity of a life time but I think its high risk. The veiwer is also to blame for watching.

  3. I think that to many people get to uptight anymore. As a kid I would have loved this oppritunity. We can continue to shelter our kids, keep them from real life, real challenges, and let them grow up to be even more uptight, unreasonable and afraid of challenges.

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