His head might fall off

Wandering around Dartmouth this summer, I was amused to note that the window display in Boots the Chemist consisted almost entirely of Safety recall notices for various items. It’s amazing how fascinating they are (as well as being remarkably re-assuring that you do not own, for instance, the microwave ‘hot water bottle’ that may remove your skin rather than merely warming it).
My favourite though was this earnest concern relating to a Thomas the Tank Engine train set.
fat controller.jpg
I don’t know why this amused me, but it did! Maybe it’s the fact it only comes with one figure but there’s still an enlarged picture of the fat controller to differentiate him from the train? Maybe it’s the phraseology, “In a very small number of cases there is a risk that the fat controller’s head may come off?” You see I wondered, a) why they didn’t just say the figure may come apart (instead of the horror genre type descriptor) and b) why they risk is only in a small number of cases? (Had most batches got thicker necks?, was there a delivery of less than satisfactory glue to the factory one day?).
Don’t know why I’ve blogged this? (Might be that I was out at the theatre last night seeing “I’m sorry I haven’t a Clue” and am now too tired to compose a decent blog entry? Who knows?).
Anyway (from last night), complete this phrase or saying:
“You can’t teach an old dog new …………..”
er? …………. “clear physics!”