Greenbelt 2007

Greenbelt rocked. The title this year was ‘Heaven in the Ordinary’ and it really felt like that’s what it was. Wondering around the site in the glorious sunshine enjoying the laughter, learning, art, music and community was an ordinary (and extra-ordinary) taste and experience of the Kingdom. The Sunday morning worship this year was really stripped down and the ‘unplugged’ feel was something I really enjoyed, I found the communion very moving.
The only major problem this year was getting onto the site. cars and Caravans were queuing for 2-3 hours. Experience is a great thing though and my cycle trailer meant that I was on the site 15 minutes after arriving, a real blessing in the heat (You see, it doesn’t always rain in England).
trusty trailerblogban.jpg
The absolute highlight for me though was hearing Mark Yaconelli speak. He spoke with passion, clarity and conveyed his message brilliantly through story. I found it quite emotional as there were so many resonances of when his Dad used to speak at Greenbelt. One of the great resonances being the huge numbers (of ALL ages) who wanted to hear what he had to say.
I highly recommend popping over to Greenbelt’s site and downloading the first two talks (third was doesn’t seem to be available as an MP3 yet)
I keep meeting people who say, “every year I mean to go to Greenbelt but I never make it!’ ….. well, you should. Book for 2008 now!

No, really …………………………………. NOW