God still believes in me

My ten year old daughter normally fills the hard disk with pictures she’s created on the computer, I have however just discovered that she’s been turning her hand to Liturgy. I rather like this:

"When I am sad God gives me a big heavenly hug that fills me up with hope, joy and love.

When I am happy God is happy and he rejoices so all the angels can hear.

When I am guilty God reminds me his son died for me on the cross,

When I feel far from God, God is still near,

When I am ill God comforts me and helps me get better,

When I am tired God fills me up with sleepy thoughts and gives me a peaceful sleep,

When I am not believing in God, God still believes in me,

When I am rejoicing God rejoices too,

When I have given up God is still going…God is always with me"

7 Replies to “God still believes in me”

  1. I bet you were just a tinsy winsy proud too!! What with the pictures and now the liturgy, the book can’t be far away!

  2. Said this in private, but was so touched by these words. Even the title hit me, just what I neede personally this week, had a hell of a tough time recently, various things going on, but to hear those words, to read that passage, wow, bet she didn’t get that from her dad?

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