demi-authorette of a booklet

effectmintotweensrealsmall.jpgWhen I was on the phone to my publisher today! *Laughing*
The Tweenagers book is out and as the Youthblog community helped shape some of it, I thought I’d flag it up. So, “Effective Ministry to Tweenagers” is available and I’m quite chuffed to see it in print (I’m not so sure I’m as happy with the title now I see it in Black and White but hey ho?). I’m getting lots of teasing here at the office about being an author but as I only wrote half* of it and it’s only small, I can only really claim to be a demi-authorette of a booklet.
Anyway, if you fancy a read about Tweens’ or need a slim book to stop the kitchen table wobbling then Then ‘Grove Y7’ may fit the bill 🙂

* Half was written by the lovely Ruth Hassall of CPAS

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  1. LOL
    £2.95 for a signed copy 😉 I guess that the unsigned ones might be rarer *laughing*
    A great chance to buy a first edition!!!!
    If you are trying to track down a copy let me give you the bar code, it is
    thin thin thin thick thick thin double space thin thin thin thick thin thick thick thick thick double space thin thin thin thin double space thin thin thick thin thin

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