Call my bluff

Is anyone else old enough to remember Call my Bluff? Actually don’t answer that, stay with the description instead. Call my Bluff was a quiz game in which 3 panelists each read out a definition of the same word, two of them being fabricated and untrue, one being the actually meaning. The aim to work out which was the real definition of the word.
For example: MUSCARDINE
1. An exclusive French perfume by Lenthric. At the height of its fame in the 1970’s it was advertised as, The fragrance that captures the beauty and gaiety of Paris by night”.
2. Queen Muscardine ruled Sweden through a period of unrest in the twelfth century. Thanks to the loyalty of her troops she was never overthrown and reigned until her death in 1169 AD.
3. A disease which is very destructive to silk worms. It is a fungal disease that can also affect other insects.

Anyways, I need your help and creativity. On Sunday I have an event where I am bringing together the Bishop and a bunch of young people. The aim of that afternoon is to promote dialogue and to be exploring Church and faith together. What I want to use as a fun intro is a game of ‘Call my Bluff’ with 6 ‘youth culture(s) words and 6 theological/ecclesiological words. The idea that this produces some fun and acts as a starting point for our conversation.
SO …………. If you have 5 minutes can you have a go at grabbing a word and making up two plausable (and possibly funny) sounding definitions to go alongside the correct one? (I’ll post the whole thing up next week)
Or even just suggest some youth culture(s) words or ecclesiological ones?

* This was written as part of a quiz by my friend Cris
** The correct answer is that it is indeed very bad news if you are a silkwork

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  1. Exegesis –
    a) Critical explanation or analysis, especially of a Biblical text
    b) The Biblical period of the end of the Babylonian exile
    c) The idea of the resurrection of the soul out of the body.
    a)speaking of the end times
    b) jokes about poo
    c) speaking in tongues
    a) Greek term for the mutual indwelling or co-inherence of the three Persons of the Trinity
    b) Use of music throughout a service
    c) Enduring power of bishops in the diocese
    a) A style of cartoons from Japan
    b) a slang dialect from the North
    c) Someone unattractive
    a) The art of vocal percussion
    b) kickboxing using bats
    c) rhythmic dance
    a) Graffitti of the same recognizable symbol in various places
    b) wearing clothes with well known brandname labels on show
    c) standing at the side of a dance floor watching people dance.
    How’s that?

  2. Sarah,
    Those are fab!!!!!!!!!!! I ‘may’ just need to double check which is the correct answer to the ‘tagging one’ as I confess I think I know but could have it wrong.
    Thanks for these, superb! 🙂

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