A Summer of films

I saw some films over the summer and having a spare moment, thought I’d give you the Youthblog cine-summary of what I thought:
surfs up.jpgSURF’s UP: A great Mockumentry style story that follows surfing anti hero and slacker, Cody on a journey from his Antartic home to the world Penguin surfing championships. Surreal at times, touching, fun and a wonderful tribute to surfing. I loved this film! The CGI is awesome but more importantly the documentry style of interview and camera work is genius. Kinda predictable in it’s story but at the same time, highly original in it’s rendering. Go See!
bourne ulti.jpgThe Bourne Ultimatum: Jason Bourne find the ‘Blackbriar” piece of the jigsaw and goes on to completes the picture, surviving no-end of threats on the way with some very cool and highly intelligent strategic moves as well as his usual physical supremacy. The film was clever, witty at times and a highly paced thriller. It was the MOST exhausting film I have ever watched! The combination of the frenetic pace and rapidly moving hand-held camera work was quite tiring (although extremely engaging). If you liked the first two, you’ll love this one!
mrbean.jpgMr Bean’s Holiday: For once Mr Bean comes up trumps and wins both a camcorder and a trip to the South of France. Not surprisingly though the journey does not got to plan and he battles to master a culture, a language and transport problems armed only with a compass and absurd Bean like initiative. I expected to hate this film but actually loved it. It’s upbeat, positive and witty with a really great life affirming ending. The film could have been awful but by having a genuine story wedded to Mr Bean’s visual comedy that played with hope as well as the inevitable bad luck was good fun and at times quite touching. Not going to be everyone’s cup of tea BUT as a comedic family film, Nice!

11 Replies to “A Summer of films”

  1. latest purchases include:
    Troy, Meet the Robinsons & Chicken Little, Spaced 1 & 2, Happy Feet and a while ago V for Vendetta, Shaun of the Dead, Magnum PI, The A Team & Firefly.

  2. Cool!
    The A-team Please
    and Chicken Little
    and Meet the Robinsons
    You = star
    I’ve not really got any new stuff other than ANY Nooma DVD you want to borrow?

  3. You reveal so much about yourself – you shall get the A-Team unopened as we’re watching Babylon 5 at the mo so not got to it yet.
    When are we meeting and where… Lunch? Michael and I ratehr like The White Horse in Oxford – small and kooky!

  4. Eric? Lah di dah… tee hee hee. (I blame my Monty- Python-quoting young people!)
    Stu it would be fascinating to meet my co-commenter!! They do great chips and their sausage and mash is a legend.

  5. Eric was as in ……
    A white horse walks into a bar and the barman asks what he’d like to drink.
    “I’m not sure,” says the White horse!
    To which the barman responds, “What about a Whisky, we’ve got one that’s named after you!”
    “What, ERIC?” says the white horse

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