11 Million Take over day

11million_small.gifI’m not sure how many people have picked up on the 11 million takeover day BUT it’s genius! In a nutshell, November 23rd is a day when as many adults as possible are encouraged to let young people take over some or all of their role.
Being a school day some of the events we’ll be promoting will be over the weekend BUT all our Bishops (and we’ve got loads of them) are on board and my colleague Yvonne has really been driving it. Check it out!
Hopefully the blog post(s) here on the 23rd will be by young people!

2 Replies to “11 Million Take over day”

  1. Hope you’re gonna let Sam do the blog on Nov 23rd. I’ve always thought it was a bit light on features on jumping in muddy muddles.

  2. That’s the deadline for one of my module assignments – could I ask one of our youth group members to stay up all night finishing it, hurriedly listing the bibliography and getting it in the post by 12 (my usual method for meeting dealdines…) – d’you think?

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