Think before you post

I found these two videos via Tim and think they are REALLY well done as thought provokers about what you put online. I reckon these would make an effective entree into a discussion with young people about the internet and privacy. (If you want to know how to be able to show the videos off-line then you need to turn back a few pages).

3 Replies to “Think before you post”

  1. i saw these a few months back and showed them to my youth.. not sure it changed anything though. the power of self-expression i guess trumps safety &:~)

  2. These are fantastic videos and very thought provoking. I’m sure we’ll be using them in the coming weeks.
    To use things offline, you can also use which is an online free .flv converter (get me sounding like I know what that means!) which works quite well as well.

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