Social Networking for Christians

Someone’s designed a social network site for christians, it’s called ‘My Icthus’ (no really)
Watch this space for the forthcoming alternatives:

myicth.jpgIcthus Book
Second Icthus Life
Icthus re-united

ht to Sunglasses Andy for the link

2 Replies to “Social Networking for Christians”

  1. Well blogger, didn’t think it would tak eyou long to get it up here. thanks for thenote at the end, why on earth do christians do this, I mean god tube, My Ichthus, What will be next, instead of i-tunes, will we have cross tunes ro something like it? Or instead of blogging, wil we revert back to praying, what will be next, what is there in today s culture that Christian s need to steal and make something of their own.

  2. “cross tunes” now that’s an idea.. &:~)
    honestly we have like 16 different “christian” myspace alternatives now. mychurch comes to mind.. can we stop pulling ourselves out into some parallel world, that doesn’t help anybody, just makes parents feel safe about what their kids are not telling them so they don’t have to be engaged in their lives… uh, sorry, internal monologue must not be filtered..

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