oh, yes ….. I’m back (kind of)

me hat small.jpgThis blog will remain several carriages short of a full service until September but you can find me in either the “Tiny Tea Tent” or the “Organic beer tent” at Greenbelt* if you want to chat over the weekend 🙂
*If you are looking for me at Greenbelt then e-mail me for my mobile number or look out for this hat** and I will probably be underneath 🙂
** I am very fond of this hat!

5 Replies to “oh, yes ….. I’m back (kind of)”

  1. Welcome back… I shall be blogging again shortly once I’ve finished some decent relaxing!!!
    Won’t be see you at Greenbelt as I’m heading down to stay with another one of the Charlie’s Angels down in Devon!
    Have an organic beer for me and say hey to the wib-crowd!

  2. Indiana Jones eh? I like the hat EVEN more now 🙂
    Mind you you did say “at first glance” …. I don’t think I want to know what the second glance suggests

  3. Hurrah! Glad to see you’re back, albeit only halfway. I have stumbled upon a terrible, immovable block in my blogging ability. I fear that my head may have seized up because there’s too much happening in it. Any suggestions on how to rectify?

  4. Tessa,
    Not sure I’m the person to ask but stuff that works for me:
    a) Take August off so you end up with loads of stuff to write
    b) Drive from Newbury to Oxford and start scribbling the thought that occurred just past Abingdon.
    c) Just start writing and end up amused at what emerges
    d) Look at a daft picture on-line and blog the scenario that gate-crashes my mind.
    (It may be that all that groovy punctuation stuff that you understand is the barrier? ‘Let go’ and just embrace the random comma, superfluous apostrophe and the sentence that is way too long but is too pressing to actually be interrupted by any form of break pause framework or even stop if you know what I mean?)

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