Encounter of the teenage kind

I had a blast at Camp and it was so cool to spend a week with 40 or so teenagers. My favourite encounter was walking down the corridor one day I happened to say “Awriiighhhhht” (quoting Catherine Tate) as a passing hello to one of the Girls!
To which she replied “Awwrriiighhht” and then almost immediately afterwards,
Woaa you are too old to know about that!!
confsedmon.jpgIgnoring the correct or incorrect chronological assumption, I am left wondering:
a) Should I be pleased that I’m hip enough to recognize and use this greeting?
b) Be concerned that there is a different association to this phrase that I do not know about?
Any young and trendy youth workers want to confirm or deny my status as Youthwork dinosaur?

3 Replies to “Encounter of the teenage kind”

  1. NOT!..
    One of the MANY blessings from my first foray into cowpooland that is Soul Survivor…
    Quote “Young People do not care what you look like or dress like, they want you to be passionate about your faith!”
    Love the affirmation.

  2. You can’t be too old! Dinosaur? No!
    This youth holiday we had lots “high five!?” – I assumed it was a trap to test if I was an old fogey but apparently it is cool again – who’d have thunk it!

  3. Oh Sarah… you’ve taken a while to pick up on the ‘high five’ thing… Or maybe it’s been back again for longer in Plymouth.
    At some point youth workers must turn from being young, cool, relate on an understanding-of-the-world level, big brother/sister role model to older, wiser, maybe not cool but loved, respected and valued as a grandparent role model.
    And no, I have no idea how youth workers get from one to the other without going through a ‘can’t relate to young people, parental type’ phase…
    No such thing as a youthwork dinosaur!

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