Disruption to normal service

cfh.jpgThis is a public service announcement! Youthblog is closed for most of August to allow essential ongoing maintenance, maintenance of me that is, not the blog. I’ve got some time off work, besides which a good proportion of folk who pop in to the site are away leading camps anyway. So erm ………….. don’t watch this space, at least not for a couple of weeks and I hope you’ll rejoin the mish-mash that this blog is in September.
In the meantime please re-direct your blog consumption towards the blog roll located on the right hand side of this site.
I will be at Greenbelt so if you are going to be there and fancy a coffee then let me know via comment or e-mail. (I plan to camp near Cartoon Dave and the Wibbers again but I have not actually cleared this with the Chief of the Wib-clan yet)
Shalom and every blessing as you youth work or chill over the Summer 🙂