Caris (nee ‘Grace’) Magazine A SIMPLE EXPLAINATION

I got a bit confused at Greenbelt when I was given a complimentary copy of Caris magazine, not just because I’m not a girl but also ‘cos I was expecting to see something very similar called Grace (ala publicity earlier in year). Anyway it turns out that Grace will not happen but Caris will! This is actually OK because Caris is Grace and they are one and the same*, the Caris title having the huge advantage that the publishers will not be sued by Grace magazine (the one that already exists, not the one that was going to exist).
car is2.jpg
*by one and the same I mean in terms of the magazine, I know that ‘grace’ and ‘charis’ with a ‘h’ are the same thing but I’m sure that there are good reasons for calling it ‘Caris’ (and hopefully they will not be sued by an Automotive magazine called “Car is”
STOP PRESS: Just noticed that Caris have a section called ‘REAL LIFE’ ….. in this edition, it’s entitled, “REAL LIFE: I live with Elvis!” ……. this made me laugh BUT it could just be me.

5 Replies to “Caris (nee ‘Grace’) Magazine A SIMPLE EXPLAINATION”

  1. Interesting change.
    Hope I still get me free copy through the post under the new name!
    (Caris is pretty much “grace” in Greek you know – h not entirely compulsary in the transcription) But I figure you knew that.
    If it was Latin I think it could mean “to/for/from/with those who are dear” which would work too I suppose

  2. Sarah, as ever, Thanks for the classical etymology update 🙂
    Without the ‘h’though they may get into trouble with Caris Ltd a company based on the acronym, ‘Computer Aided Resource Information Systems’

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