Breaking news as it breaks

I thought a round up of the breaking news as it breaks would be in order, so here’s what’s currently congealing in the Inbox:
Next Vertigo is on October 13th
Ben Okafor has turned a radio piece about his experiences of being a child Soldier into a play called Child of Biafra, more details on the website if you would like to see this production or host a staging of it.
If you live in Buckinghamshire then the 23rd October sees a day of free activities for 11-19 year olds at the Green Park Centre, details: Download file
Rural Youthworkers are being asked to have a look at the attached form and see where they can from time to time report young people’s voices on relevant issues. Download file
Interesting article on Sex Offenders and Social Networking sites which may provide some useful perspective.
And Finally,
At the weekend I shall be down in Devon (Yay) and I’ve managed to borrow a Kayak (double yay) but will be Kayaking along the section of the coast where a Great White has been spotted (Gulp). I know which track will NOT BE ON the Mp3 player 🙂

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  1. I have loved the news reports of the ‘Great White’ sighting… too far away to tell which species… never had a Great White off england… more likely to be a Mako or Porbeagle… yada yada yada…
    What’s not said is that while Porbeagles eat little fish, Mako sharks are just as big and toothy as Great Whites!
    Enjoy the kayaking!

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