Yellow Braces

Yellow Braces was phenomenal and we were SO blessed to have GREAT weather, in fact it was so hot that swimming in the Arctic-esque Swimming Pool was really refreshing (once you’d got in, the temerature difference being a bit of a shock). The team and the young people on the trainee leader programme worked incredibly hard to produce a worship and fun filled weekend that will live long in the memories of the young people. I’m a tired bit moment at the now BUT have to clear up all the equipment, do my lifeguarding coursework and haul myself up to Warrington (up in t’North) ready to start my lifeguarding re-qualification first thing tomorrow morning, bleeugh. Blogging may be a little sporadic this week!
The photo below really amused me! Here are two of the (hugely talented and lovely) ‘Taste Band’ rehearsing worship while KT is editting some photo’s with the projector still on. It wasn’t ’til I had a look at the photo’s a moment ago that I noticed Sarah on the screen seemingly raising a mug of tea to the camera.
taste band and Sarah.jpg
Mushy bit: To all of the team, you were amazing and I’m so proud of you!

Captains Log Supplemental:
The Quasi-Rev Doc (Wallace smile, tea holding) Brush Nee Hamilton PhD LYM has added her thoughts on the YB experience.

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  1. We all had a fab time too……needless to say had trouble getting up this morning – should have been 5.45 (as usual!) – managed 8am and a phone call to the office apologising!

  2. SO glad that the whole world gets to see me doing another Wallace and Grommit grin!
    I’m still tired even after the day off lie in til 9. Must be getting old! The weekend was TOTALLY AWESOME. I await more pics (preferably without cheesy grins!!)

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