Yellow Braces

YB06 Ian noticesb.jpgThis weekend is our Diocesan Camp, the cornily and historically named, YELLOW BRACES! I’m really looking forward to it …. and I’m looking forward to having finished the preparation. I am surrounded by P.A equipment, sports stuff, walkie talkies, balloons, lifeguarding and first aid gear etc etc etc. We’ve got 79 young people coming, a team of 24 and also a group of 17-19 year olds on a leadership training programme. We use the Hill End site in Oxfordshire which is fab, but given the rain of the last few weeks, a little soggy (note to self, pack extra cleaning equipment)
I’ve just completed the Risk Assessment and in a silly moment wondered if the first line should read …
Risk: Failure to fill in risk assessment
Level of risk: Low (now I’ve written the first line)
Action to be taken: Ensure that risk assesment is written
So, Hi Ho, it’s off to Yellow Braces I go. No postings over the weekend (obviously) and all prayer appreciated.

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  1. Well, I’m in a similar-ish position, getting ready to go to Oxfordshire with a group of 32 to take part in Spree. I am also doing a risk assessment… have fun and I hope we both get a lot of sleep!

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