Summer Schedule

Greetings blog buddies (that greeting was written in an ironic local radio stylee) and welcome to Youthblog. I thought I’d better get my head round the summer and work out my response to the question, “To blog or not to blog?”
I reckon blogging will be sporadic but here’s the rough plan:
July 21st – 29th: Away at a Crusader camp doing some lifeguardy and First Aidy type stuff. Possibility of blog posts = 0.4%
July 30th – Aug 3rd: At the office and more than likely to be messing around online. Possibility of blog posts = 96%
Aug 4th – Aug 19th: A little West and Wewaxation with the family. Possibility of blog posts = 5.2% (falling further if I get caught blogging in family time)
Aug 20th – Aug 23rd: Around. POBP= 98%
Aug 24th – 27th: Greenbelt, Yay! May blog, may not BUT chances are I’ll be talking to bloggers and blog readers (does this count?)
Aug 28th ‘Normal’ service resumes!

I will also need your reading schedule (LOL) to see if anyone is actually reading the blatherings of a 40 year old youth worker!
In September I want to try and experiment and have a weekly ‘problem page’ approach to blogging. A ‘Dear Uncle Youthblog’ type gig. I want to see if I can combine the absurd, the humorous and the useful in a way that’s readable.
So all I need now are some Youth work questions (as meaningful or as off-the-wall as you like). Please put your creative hat on and e-mail or post some Dear Uncle Youthblog type stuff!*

2 Replies to “Summer Schedule”

  1. Ok, reading schedual, hopefully anyway, something like this.
    22-23 July, reading and blogging.
    24th golf playing, yehehehehehehehe,
    25-27 reading and blogging,
    28th, family time, not readin you.
    29th-1 August, helping we prepare for a friends wedding.
    2-3 August, reading and blogging,
    4 August, daughters birthday, lots of little girls, help me please.
    6 August, in Scarbourough, life doesn’t get any better, or does it.
    7-9 August working and speaking, maybe bloging as well.
    10-13 august, with family, in-laws, ooopse.
    14-20 august, on my own, do what I want.
    24-27 Maybe Greenbelt, don’t know yet, might get lost on my own.
    28, summer over, great, where did that go.

  2. Well everytime I sign in to my blogger account, I also check out teh other blogs listed in my bookmarks – & that includes yours DaddyMac lol! ;o)
    By blogging will be even more sparadic over the summer – got 2 camps & some hippy style living, but my phone has teh interweeb on it, so might do some whilst on a beach…..somewhere in Britain lol!!

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