Max Speed 5 knots

flud2.jpgI’ve had a crazy day today. Last day before camp and it’s been raining cats and dogs (that’s an expression for heavy rain for non UK readers) or more like hippo’s and elephants. I left work at around 1pm to get stuff ready for camp tomorrow and drove south in TORRENTIAL visibility limiting rain. The A34 came to a stand still so I peeled off onto a side road and into chaos. Water was pouring down the road I was on. There were cars that had stopped due to water ingression and there were bricks been swept down the road (river) towards us in the queue of cars (the water was flowing straight through two gardens where it had demolished two high brick walls). Fortunately I managed to make it through this section and turned off onto higher ground to try and find a way back into Newbury as the main roads were actually closed due to flooding and landslides. For an hour and a half I experimented with routes from my cycle training routes, frequently driving through water that was dangerously close to the top of my wheels before having to turn round where the road was damaged, partially washed away or the water just too deep. At about 3pm I found a pub in a village called Leckhampstead and decided to weather the storm there BUT the pub insisted they closed at 3pm and although I managed to get a bag of crisps and a coke it was then closing time. I could find no way out of the village that wasn’t flooded and it looked like I would just have to sit it out in the car. Two of the villagers invited me in though for a cup of tea and I waited until the rain subsided. When I set off I was still encountering large stretches of water but the level had dropped by a crucial few inches and I finally made it home at about 5:30!
I HAVE NEVER SEEN CONDITIONS LIKE IT! (Richard sent me the link to these photos)
Thoughts though are with all those who have flooded homes and water damaged cars.

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  1. Yikes ! I know the M40 was impassable and a friend took 6.5 hours to get home from Aylesbury. Apparently there were very pretty waterfalls falling onto the road from the Burton Dassett hills. All this and five days camping looking after 50 youth at Spirt of Truth camp to come ! God bless you and yours and enjoy Stoke Fleming.

  2. hey – my house was flooded (again) so thanks for your thoughts and prayers we are needing them, as we have to move out until work has been done!!

  3. Reading is in a pretty similar state too! Especially Winnersh and Wokingham end! I trudged along to the Winnersh roundabout today (major roundabout with huge garden centre and cinema complex on it) to find it all submerged! It was like a tourist attraction! Cars parked on every verge possible. And people paddling everwhere! A girl in a rubber ring going round the roundabout. 5 dinghies doing the same! And no idea how many abandoned cars in the middle of it! Loads of little children swimming! And all this around a major road junction or in the cinema car park! Bizzarre! What is the English weather coming too!?!?! I took some brill photos but not sure how to get them on here!

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