Make Space ‘Oona King’ Youth Review

The results of the King inquiry make for interesting reading and confirm what us youth workery types tend to say. This is a significant report though involving as it does the voices of so many young people! Have consulted 16,000 teenagers it’s recommendations were:

• A Youth Centre in every community
providing dedicated spaces for young people to meet, as well as access to music, creative arts, sports, classes and specialist intervention and support for teenagers in difficulty. Inspirational and gifted young people’s workers would lead these centres and coordinate activity for young people in the area.
• Support for parents of teenagers including right to request flexible work and intensive involvement and support for parents of troubled teenagers.
• Mobile Intervention Teams to work in areas of high deprivation and unrest – offering teenagers specialist and positive support.
• Action on bullying and a new Victim Support scheme for young people who have been the victims of crime.
• Young Mayors elected in every area to give teenagers representation and a say in their community.
• Free public transport and leisure for all young people under 18 to ensure access for all.

The report does a good job at highlighting the limited opportunities young people have for community involvement and for opportunity for activity if they can’t afford it. It also flags up how fearful young people are of crime and violence against them.

Oona King, Chair of the Review said
: “Growing up can be tough and we are simply not doing enough to help the next generation to flourish. On average we spend 17p for each young person per day on youth services and this has to change. Young people need to be a part of our communities and not doing this costs us billions dealing with the consequences of anti-social behaviour, crime and violence and even more in the emotional consequences of a dispossessed generation of teenagers.”
I’m hoping this report will be a real opening in securing funding that gives young people opportunity, involvement and helps them have a meaningful place in their communities. (There is still a huge societal attitude to change though).

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  1. Skimmed report looks good……friends from YB please pray for my mum, she has had a terrible tumble.Prayers please for her recovery and healing.

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