Lifeguarding Blues

lifegrd1.jpgI am currently way oop in t’north on a lifeguarding course so that I can re-qualify in order to provide the relevant cover on camps, residential weekends and of course, Yellow Braces! I’ve spent the day rescuing people from the pool, resuscitating dummies and absorbing vast amount of techniques, legislative framework and assorted zen of pool safety. I’ve made it through a LONG day one and am chilling out and revising before an even longer day 2. Tomorrow is an 08:30 start and then apart from some short breaks, full on until the exam and in pool testing which will hopefully finish by 18:30 (if we get everything done on time). Spending 3 hours a day in a pool does strange things to your mind and to your skin ….. I have a new found respect for Goldfish!
My favourite moment of the day (true story) was when we were asked to produce photo i.d to prove who we are (as part of the registration and certification process for the course). One guy dutifully produced a photo of himself!

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  1. Aw bless the guy with the photo… I agree with my hubby’s sentiment but surely in fact a life-guarding course is probably the SAFEST time to do so and have a hope of surviving? Still best not try it… enjoy the TV!

  2. I was actually in a place called Leigh at the Greyhound Sporting Lodge. All very pleasant and friendly …. and I got along fine once I realised that no-one uses the definite article in conversation.
    “over there at Pool”
    “your lunch is in bar”
    “you’ll find it on table”

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