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Looking across the CRB checks that I have counter signed there are a Myriad of Job Titles used. We have had quite a debate in the past on the blog about Youth Ministry vs Youth Work. It would seem from the job description data that the roles for which Churches recruit, are MUCH MUCH more diverse.
Here’s some examples ……………
Youth and children’s worker
Student pastor
Youth worker
Families minister Youth work co-ordinator,
Youth Minister
Youth Specialist
Community children’s worker
Children’s and community minister
Youth and schools worker
Youth pastor
Parish Youth Worker
Youth Leader and Evangelist

Please feel free to add your job title AND as ever bonus marks for the longest (true) title and the most surreal (true) title. (Oh and feel free, as well, to make up a Job title that more accurately describes your role 🙂

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  1. I’m currently a ‘Youth Minister’ but in my past job I was a ‘Youth Ministry Team Leader’, otherwise known as a YMTL (pronounced yum-tul). At my first service, the young people performed a drama all about what this YMTL creature was!
    We also had fun recently trying to come up with a title for our year out worker. It was going to be ‘Assistant Youth and Childrens Ministry Worker’ I think we got rid of the word ministry in the end to make it slightly more palatable!

  2. I am officially the “Young People’s Worker”. Just to add another one to the list!

  3. Children’s Pastor, although sometimes I’m also referred to as the KIDZ Pastor (yes, with that spelling…)

  4. I can’t help thinking that after a time, job titles become a bit limiting, mainly because people have so many preconceptions of what a youth worker/minister/pastor/evangelist is.
    I like the term ‘youth specialist’. I think it’s a clever way round the problem.
    I also like to think of myself as an ‘informal educator’, or perhaps a ‘relationship catalyst’…..

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