Grace Magazine

Grace Magazine for girls launches in August. Their tag line (which I really like) is:

“Make Friends. Have fun. Feel good. Find Passion. Be Strong. Celebrate. Be inspired. Get Creative. Enjoy life. Have hope. Be kind. Love God. Campaign. Make a difference”

Grace mag.jpg
My daughter has just read the pilot copy and likes it (Looks like she’ll now be getting Grace alongside her usual, First News). Recent years have seen the launch of a couple of Christian teen mags such as Jam and Streetbrand, so it’s either an expanding market or an increasingly crowded one. Grace I think looks good and has a well thought out brief (although trying to engage a range as wide as 11- 16 years of age is probably impossible) and I hope it will succeed.
grace cover.jpg
Have a look at the web site and sign up for a free copy or encourage some of your young people to sign up as advisers.

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