Fundraising by Flamingo

I found this via D.Scott.Miller, Genius idea that a group has come up with for fundraising with a shed load of plastic Flamingoes! Basically for $25 you can nominate someones garden to be visited in the dead of night and it to be populated with Flamingoes, BUT for $40 you can buy anti-flamingo insurance. Full story here 🙂

8 Replies to “Fundraising by Flamingo”

  1. Good Day,
    We’re writing to you from the Christian Blog Awards, the first UK award ceremony designed to celebrate Christian websites and blogs. We’ve noticed your site and think you’d be perfect to enter it for the Best Provision for Youth category.
    To check the rules of entry or find out about prizes and the awards ceremony on the 21st September, check out site, or to enter your site straight away, email [email protected]
    We hope to hear from you soon!

  2. Awww shucks CBA,
    Very flattered *blushing* but I can’t enter on best provision for youth as this site is dedicated to (and for)youth leaders and youth ministers so I can only enter in the
    “Best provision in the provision for people who offer provision to Youth!”
    I’m also a tad uncomfortable with the self nomination catergory, which strikes me as problematic. I would however enjoy the irony of egotistically entering for the most humble catergory 🙂

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